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Tales of the strange and unusual from Pennsylvania
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House in the Woods


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Foggy Forest

About The Show

The Keystone Horror Podcast is dedicated to telling original stories of strange and unusual events based in Pennsylvania. There is no gore porn, shock writing, extreme violence, or overly grotesque detail just to be gross. Stories are written based on history, local legend, or personal experiences.


Each story is a standalone experience that does not require you to listen to previous or future episodes. 

About The Creator

Since I was in elementary school, I have loved writing.  It started as small stories, a dozen pages or so, set in a fantasy world.  As I aged my writing and interests slowly developed into darker subjects.   I love horror movies, and reading personal ghost stories and short horror.  During my high-school years I thought that it would be amazing to write for a living.  I am attempting to accomplish that goal now.


By day I'm a water treatment plant operator. Working hard to give clean drinking water to the population near my plant, as well as attempting to grow a window washing business.  After work, I'm either producing the show, playing video games, or writing content for my Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.


Eventually I'd like my day job to be working on this podcast full time. I wouldn't mind going to college part time to get a degree in English, writing, or some other subject related to the creation of the show. I'm hopeful that my work will speak for itself in quality, both in writing, and production.

Thanks for checking my work out!

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Feel free to send me an email with questions, concerns or stories of your own.  I'm always happy to chat!